Shantz XWinWrap: The "Moving" Wallpaper Fun Continues

XWinWrap is a small utility written a loooong time ago that allowed you to stick most of the apps to your desktop background (Thanks to fsckin for introducing me to it). What this meant was you could use an animated screensaver (like glmatrix, electric sheep, etc) or even a movie, and use it as your wallpaper. But only one version of this app was released, and it had a few problems, like it wasn’t exactly “sticking” to the background and geometry option didn’t work as well.

Seeing no-one picking it up, I decided to give it a bit of polish last weekend by fixing the above problems and also add a few features.

I hope to continue on the good work that was done by the original author and provide an even better xwinwrap to you all. Pour in those ideas about what features you’d like to see in this.

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