Remote Bandwidth Stats

This post is about my open source remote bandwidth usage stats logger project. I’ve been wanting to log the internet bandwidth usage at my home for quite some time since I don’t really find the stats put out by my ISP to be completely accurate. But I have multiple devices at home that access the internet so it is not feasible to install a bandwidth monitor individually on all these devices as I’d still need to add up all logs and many of such devices don’t even have a way to install a monitoring software installed (e. [Read More]

A short Tablet/Smartphone survey for a project

I need a bit of your help in filling out a short survey that I need for a small project of mine that I’m doing with a friend. It will take maximum of only 2-3 minutes of your time. Please fill it out below. If you are facing any problems with the survey or have any queries/suggestions etc, please use this contact form to send them to us.

Much Thanks!! :)

Real Time Data Plotting with GNUPlot

I wrote this script a few days ago to plot real-time / streaming data with gnuplot. The motivation was that I needed to test a piece of code for a touchscreen driver that I had written at work. The issue was that the UI wasn’t quite ready yet, so I wanted to test just the driver to be working fine. Now, the very first thought for the software to use that came to me was “gnuplot” but I found that it can’t really do this in an easy way. [Read More]

Project: Figlet Online - Text To ASCII Converter Tool

Figlet is a brilliant tool to convert text to amazing ASCII Art that I have used for many years. This weekend I thought of creating an online version of it, so that anyone can use it even if they can’t install it on their systems. It is pretty easy to use. The drill is just to choose the font you want (and there is a very extensive collection of more than 250 to choose from), input the text that you want to be ASCII’fied, press a button and you are done. [Read More]

Project: Shantz WordPress Prefix Suffix Updated to 1.1.2

My WordPress Plugin “Shantz Wordpress Prefix Suffix” has just been updated to version 1.1.2. For those who don’t know, this is a super-light and easy to use plugin that allows you to add any text or html/javascript/php code to your posts, be it the top of the posts, bottom of the posts or even in the middle. And you get a lot of options to control all this. I use it even on my site, to create links for my other blogs, adding copyright notices and even for advertisements (google adsense, chitika premium, etc). [Read More]