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Fixing The WordPress Drain Hole Pugin v2.1.3

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (126 Words)
2.1.3 drain hole file.php plugin scan wordpress

If you use the awesome download manager plugin “Drain Hole” for your WordPress blog (A short review here), and upgraded to the latest version 2.1.3, you must have noticed that it doesn’t scan and add new files to the download repositories now. Well, this is a quick and short post to tell you how to fix it in less than a minute.


  1. Go to your wordpress folder and then navigate to wp-content/plugins/drain-hole/models.

  2. Open file.php

  3. Go to line 106, and replace ‘NULL’ by $file. The new line will read like

$name    = $file;
  1. Go to line 127, and replace $name by ‘$name’. The new line will read like
$wpdb->query ("INSERT INTO {$wpdb->prefix}drainhole_files (hole_id,file,updated_at,name) VALUES ($hole,'$file',NOW(),'$name')");

And that’s it. Let me know if this helped you out.