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Project: My WordPress Plugin Shantz-WP-Prefix-Suffix Updated To 1.0.5

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (159 Words)
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For those who are new to this plugin, Shantz WP Prefix Suffix is a light-weight and easy to use plugin which allows you to add any text, HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript code to your posts and/or pages as prefix and/or suffix. (That includes even any new or old posts and pages and even your feed) Examples of use cases could be to include your copyright message, advertisements (like adsense, etc), permalinks, your other site links, any other custom messages. This works very fine with ad plugins like adsense-manager etc, as you don’t have to manipulate your posts or templates to add the ad code, shantz-wp-prefix-suffix will do that for you automatically for all posts and with the adsense plugin you can control whether to “display” the ad or not.

Changes in this version include options to enable/disable displaying the text/code on home page and excerpts. Also a small bug was fixed that displayed the code even if it was chosen not to.