Wanted: A Good Paint Program For Linux

Have been in the hunt for a good basic paint program for linux for so long. I’m running a Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (amd64) box (yeah, yeah I didn’t upgrade to Gutsy because it sneaked up too quickly onto me and the impending loom of LTS goodness of Hardy was also there). Have been suggested various things so far like GPaint, Kolourpaint, tuxpaint etc but none of them cuts it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love GIMP but its an overkill when I have to go through 2 menus, a dialogue box and several clicks, just to make a silly rectangle, but I don’t hold anything against it cuz afterall its an “Image Manipulation” program, not a painting one.

So, what do you use/recommend when you have to draw a few basic shapes, connect them through lines and arrows, put in a mashup of few silly pics and colorize it a bit with basic effects? And are there any gnome native ones or do I ultimately have to give in to install KDE dependencies?

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