Apple Screw Up Saved By Githubber

So, I just came across a thread on apple discussion forums and it seems like that Apple has added a new feature in OS X Mountain Lion due to which it redirects a lot of web traffic to a domain called “” to make sure that it is failing. Now, the problem is that Apple didn’t even register this domain. By design? To make sure that it fails? But if so, it was a very poor design decision because then anyone could have registered it and used it for benefit, like spreading malware or phishing attempts and what not.

Anyways, the threat is averted for now because a good natured githubber, Jason Salaz, registered the domain name and plastered a pretty generic webpage over there which doesn’t do much (except give him a bit of web traffic boost).

After the map fiasco and then this, it looks like Apple is indeed slipping up and things are falling through the cracks. Let’s see what Tim Cook has to say about this.

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