Windows Mobile: Missed Call Made Easy (Indian Cell Owners Rejoice)

Perdida = Missed Call (in Spanish) Missed Call = Ubiquitous Necessity (atleast in India) Enter: cPerdidas -> A Windows Mobile program (works with WM5 as well as WM6) that will allow you to make missed calls to anyone you desire. Just config your country code, select the contact and “Hacer Perdida!” (Make the missed call) and your contact will get the missed call on his device. The only change is that the program will cut the call even before he can hear his phone ring. [Read More]

HTC Video Drivers: But This Is Not A Post About HTC

This is a post about irresponsible/careless journalism/bloggism. For Gizmodo, getting that post about HTC’s latest press release out the door took precedence over actually **reading **the release properly and then commenting over it. The gizmodo poster’s comment is: ……but HTC’s finally released a statement saying that a fix is coming. They say that the video acceleration will be supported in the future, and will be included in software upgrades for current devices……. [Read More]

Nokia + Windows Mobile = Let's Kick Some <InsertWMPhoneMakerName> Butt

As everyone knows, I’m an out-and-out Windows Mobile worshipper. It’s like a girlfriend, who is very difficult to manage and understand at first, but is a great source of joy if you know how to manage her. I don’t like any other phones now; the extensibility given by WM will do that to you. I also “admire” Nokia because of the quality and reliability they provide with their phones. Having worked for them in a project (Nokia Networks/Nokia Seimens Networks actually), I know how much testing they put in before releasing something. [Read More]