WM6.1 Is Here, Loves HTC Wizard...(Really?)

A user going by the remarkably simple handle “email123” announced on the xda-developers forum, that WM6.1 is here, alive and kicking. But he doesn’t stop there, he says that its available “now”, that too for an HTC wizard, a 3 year old phone (which I own as well). Thats not all, he goes on to provide the proof by linking in his cooked ROM for all to download. But, here is the clincher, he claims that finally “Big Storage” is available for wizard, a feat noone has been able to achieve in the last 3 years. [Read More]

HTC - The best windows mobile "business unit"

For the very post of this blog, I chose a subject that’s close to my heart. Yes, its Windows Mobile. My trusted 900/1800 MHZ companion for the past couple of years is an HTC Wizard. If you have ever looked into the WinMob world, its pretty much common knowledge that HTC owns the 95% of market share of this niche little space. They are a huge organization and with huge profits and they do make jolly good phones. [Read More]