Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive Updated to 1.2.0

Just finished uploading the new version 1.2.0 of my android app Wi-Fi Keep Alive to the Android market. This version has a lot of optimizations and also a few workarounds to overcome the issues few guys were facing with Android’s in-built handling of wi-fi sleep policies. Changes done in this version: Added workarounds to take care of sleep policies not working on some phones Optimized the code a bit for faster operations [Read More]

Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive

I just wrote my second Android App. This again was to scratch an itch of mine but it seems to have become a bit popular already (My first app “Quick Sync Settings” did around 400 downloads in 20 days but this one has already surpassed that in less than one day). This app basically allows you to change the wi-fi sleep policy on android so that you can keep your wi-fi connected even if the phone goes to sleep (i. [Read More]

Project: "shantz-wp-qotd ", My Wordpress Plugin, Updated to 1.1.0

For the uninitiated: I made a few additions / modifications to the code and the plugin has been updated to 1.1.0. The changes are: Added Custom tag support for adding quotes anywhere in your posts/pages Added Custom quote separator support and multi-line quotes support Config Screenshots: I recommend that you update to this new version asap, as apart from the above mentioned changes, the code is a bit more cleaner as well, which would run a bit better IMO and also help in any modification if you have in mind. [Read More]

Shantz WordPress QOTD

Shantz WP QOTD is a plugin to add quotes to your wordpress blog in a few easy clicks. It adds quotes to your posts and your sidebars with a multitude of options for sources and customization. == Description == There are many quotes plugins out there. This one has been started with a view to have the best of features and options, ease of use and multiple sources to get the quotes from. [Read More]

i3theme awesomeness: Cool feature for end-users/viewers

I am just in love with this theme. I knew about the cool feature that you can click on those little green dots on the right top corner of any widget and the widget will minimize to just a bar but just now discovered another awesome feature for the viewers of the wordpress based blogs using this theme. The feature is that you, the viewer, can reorganize the widgets on the left and right sidebars according to your preference, like move the “Pages” widget towards the top for convenient navigation through all the static pages in the site. [Read More]