Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive updates

I pushed out a couple of updates to my android app Wi-Fi Keep alive a few weeks ago (mainly related to fixing the resolution and colors of the widget icons) taking the latest version to 1.4.4. This is just to let you know that it will take a while (a few weeks) more to get the pending updates and requests in to the program. I have been pretty ill for the last few weeks and have only just got back up out of the bed and now my development machine has also gone for a toss. [Read More]

Android Dev Tip: App Not Showing on X10 Mini Marketplace

Many Android Developers (and users) get confused that why a certain app isn’t showing up on the new Xperia X10 Mini (and few other) phones. This happens even if they support all android versions and have published their apps for all countries, so that shouldn’t be the issue. I came across this as well when few people mentioned that they couldn’t find my app Wi-Fi Keep Alive in the X10 mini marketplace. [Read More]

Android App Wi-Fi Keep Alive updated to 1.4.1

Update: Made a minor update for a small bug that can make wi-fi keep reconnecting in quick succession. Pushed out a new update to my Android App Wi-Fi Keep Alive today. This update brings in another work around for the issue where the wi-fi is alive on the phone and it is also connected to the network but is somehow unable to send/receive any packets to the network. The new work around will automatically re-associate your phone with the wi-fi router if it detects such a situation. [Read More]

Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive Updated to 1.2.0

Just finished uploading the new version 1.2.0 of my android app Wi-Fi Keep Alive to the Android market. This version has a lot of optimizations and also a few workarounds to overcome the issues few guys were facing with Android’s in-built handling of wi-fi sleep policies. Changes done in this version: Added workarounds to take care of sleep policies not working on some phones Optimized the code a bit for faster operations [Read More]

Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive

I just wrote my second Android App. This again was to scratch an itch of mine but it seems to have become a bit popular already (My first app “Quick Sync Settings” did around 400 downloads in 20 days but this one has already surpassed that in less than one day). This app basically allows you to change the wi-fi sleep policy on android so that you can keep your wi-fi connected even if the phone goes to sleep (i. [Read More]