TIP: Viewing Any PDF Online, Without A PDF Reader And For Free

Just a small tip. If you want to view a pdf and you don’t have adobe acrobat (or any other pdf reader) installed, e.g., you are sitting in a cyber cage or at a friend’s place, you can still view it. Only thing you have to do is, just prefix the url to the online pdf with “http://www.scribd.com/vacuum?url=” and you’ll see a nice web interface rendering your pdf without having to install anything on your PC. [Read More]

Ubuntu Nuggets: Window list settings in panel

I am pretty sure that all of you must be fed of that one windows taking up the whole task bar in the panel. Like this: Well, you can change that. Plus, all you windows-to-linux converts must also be thinking of how to squeeze in a few more windows into the task bar. A “grouping of similar windows” option like windows would have been just nice. Well, that can be done too, and without any shell scripting, config file modifying, etc. [Read More]