Is Android Open Source Or Not?

Is Android really open source or not? That is the question being asked by almost everyone. A lot of people, especially those influenced by RDF or those who are in the news industry with no idea about OS and open source but were asked by their boss to get a scoop on this pronto, tend to bring up a few keywords and then twist them around in the way they see fit to make sure it says Android isn’t open. [Read More]

The Future Of Cell-Phones Is Here

My company had a video contest a few days ago (which yours-truly won by a handsome margin :) ). The topic was “Future of Wireless” as perceived by the employees but with the catch that it had to be done in just 10 seconds or less. Now, everyone know that there is rarely a moment when I can think like a normal, sane person, and hence took a rather “alternative” look at what the future holds for us. [Read More]