Ubuntu Maverick uinput Problem Solved

I’ve been playing around with linux uinput infrastructure for one of my ideas (Details coming soon ;) ). “uinput” is basically a mechanism in linux that allows user space applications to inject input events (mouse/keyboard or anything else) into the system. But the problem I faced was that my programs were compiling and running without any errors but I just couldn’t see the effect happening, i.e., the events weren’t getting injected into the system. [Read More]

[Ubuntu TIP] Solved: Totem Cannot Detect UPnP Media Server

First a bit of background. A UPnP media server can serve your media files (video / audio / pictures) over the network to any compatible player. Some of the most known examples of these media servers are MediaTomb, TVersity, ushare, etc. In linux, few players can play media off these servers natively, but many require a plugin / library called “coherence”. e.g. the default media players (Totem and RhythmBox) can detect and play media from media servers once you install coherence (“sudo apt-get install python-coherence”). [Read More]