Display Message on Samsung TVs in Python (Samsung MessageBox Service Exploitation)

This script is the result of a weekend’s hacking to get my TV to display incoming calls/texts which I miss invariably because the phone is buried under a sofa or in a different room. Earlier I had done this using my Odroid U2 and Tasker/AutoRemote but this was limiting as this meant that I could see the notifications only when I was watching something through the Odroid. Samsung TVs, which are DLNA enabled, also include a hidden service called “Message Box” which can display different information on the TV natively irrespective of which display mode/input mode you are in. [Read More]

Odroid U2 Tips: Overscan, emmc Adapter, HDMI-DVI Adapter

So I’ve been spending a few hours on getting my odroid u2 up and running and here are a few tips that I’ve come across in the process. **Overscan: ** So, many TVs have this issue that they miss out on displaying the corners of the image put out by the Odroid U2. The phenomenon is called overscan. Now, all you have to do is select settings such as “Just Scan” or similar on your TV that allows your TV to display image coming from U2 as is. [Read More]

Odroid U2 is here

So, this little baby landed up in my mailbox a couple of days ago :). The Odroid U2. For those who don’t know, it’s a cheap dev board based around Samsung’s Exynos 4412 SoC and supports Android as well as Ubuntu. Odroid U2 I’ve got quite a few things planned on how to use it and will post more about my adventures with the U2 here soon. [Read More]

Deconstructing The Samsung Nexus Prime Video

Samsung just uploaded a teaser video to Youtube which hints at the upcoming Android phone Nexus Prime with IceCream Sandwich. It has a sideways glance at what people believe is the Nexus Prime. I’ll deconstruct the image a bit. The things to take away from here: The phone will have a curved display like Nexus S It has a power button on the side (right side, since it’s marked with the power icon) [Read More]