Satellite TV (DTH) In India: A Guide

Amit has written a detailed Satellite TV (DTH) Guide and Comparison about the scene in India. He compares the various players that are operating right now and gives suggestions on what should one look at while choosing out of all the available operators. If you are confused about what the advent of all these different names like Tata Sky (Tata), Big TV (Reliance) and Airtel Digital TV (Bharti) means for you, then do take a look at it. [Read More]

Do They Really Know How To Sell Something In India?

Update: UK Ad Authorities have declared iPhone ad as “misleading”. I guess then they should declare it plain fraud in India. This is a short rant about two of the “big” products launched recently in India in the last one week and how the people behind their sales/marketing teams either try to take the Indian customer for a ride, or shaft themselves. iPhone: The big icon. Bharti Airtel/Vodafone claimed lakhs of pre-registrations, yet no one lined up to buy it. [Read More]