Fixing The Static Noise, Clicks And Pops with Turtlebeach Earforce PX5

So I got this beautiful piece of headset a few days ago, called the EarForce PX5 by TurtleBeach. It’s claim to fame being an awesome virtual surround sound headset which also does the double duty of providing game audio as well as voice chat over the same headset. I preferred this over the Sony PS3 Elite headset as the PX5 is more generic and can work across multiple devices since it uses the regular bluetooth for A2DP and voice chat and the wireless transmitter has standard optical/RCA inputs and outputs. [Read More]

Fixing the DS3/Sixaxis Controller Not Working in PSN Store Issue

So, my wife got me a new slim PS3 today to replace my old YLOD’ed phat (Yes, Awesome wife I know. And slim PS3 cuz I hate the looks of the new superslim). But, I digress. The issue at hand is that everything worked fine when I unwrapped it, hooked it up to the power and TV and switched it on. However, once I started the PSN store (or what is now called Sony Entertainment Network Store), nothing worked. [Read More]

Featured in Chip India August 2011 Edition

My project Kinect on PS3 got featured in this month’s Chip magazine :). They have a special gaming edition of Chip Insider which featured the project along with a 2 page interview of mine. If you buy chip, do look out for it on pages 46 and 47. I also have a scanned image of the pages below.


Making Kinect Work With PS3

This post describes my first attempt at making Kinect work with a PS3. Microsoft’s new XBOX 360 accessory, kinect has made a powerful entry into the market, becoming the fastest selling gadget of all time. Looks like their “You are the controller” tagline is working. Of course, Sony’s “similar” accessory Move is selling well too but is far behind kinect adoption probably because nothing beats the lure of making something work with just “The Force” ;). [Read More]

PSN Ban-Wave Phishing Scam

**Update: **I did some more digging and the email and the links actually seem to be legitimate. Good news for many, but bad for those who actually got this email. BEWARE!! In wake of the recent announcement of a potential Playstation Network ban wave by Sony for the people who are hacking it’s gaming console PS3, some nefarious elements seem to be using this as an opportunity to pry on your PSN passwords. [Read More]