Project: Shantz WordPress Prefix Suffix Updated to 1.1.2

My WordPress Plugin “Shantz Wordpress Prefix Suffix” has just been updated to version 1.1.2. For those who don’t know, this is a super-light and easy to use plugin that allows you to add any text or html/javascript/php code to your posts, be it the top of the posts, bottom of the posts or even in the middle. And you get a lot of options to control all this. I use it even on my site, to create links for my other blogs, adding copyright notices and even for advertisements (google adsense, chitika premium, etc). [Read More]

Project: My WordPress Plugin "Shantz WP Prefix Suffix" Updated to 1.0.4

For those who don’t know Shantz-WP-Prefix-Suffix is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add any text and/or HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript code to the top or bottom of your posts (e.g. see my site links at top of each post and the copyright link and permalink at the bottom of each) I’ve updated it to version 1.0.4 which allows you to add PHP code to the top or bottom of your posts now. [Read More]

Hack: WordPress function 'wp_list_pages' to output page description (or other custom fields) in your page lists

Disclaimer: I’m neither a WordPress guru nor a PHP expert. This is what it is, a dirtly little hack, otherwise I’d have called it an “enhancement” Now onto the main things. **Aim: **You would have used wp_list_pages (or plugins like dd-list-subpages, that use it) to display a list of your pages/subpages on a particular page. e.g., I use it on my “Projects” pages hierarchy to list all the relevant projects under a particular heading. [Read More]