Cannot Change Channel Problem With Asus WL-500W

Recently I found an issue with my asus wl-500w wi-fi router that I wasn’t able to change the channel on which it was transmitting. I moved to a new location which was totally jam-packed with other wi-fi networks using same channel as mine which was hampeing my connection. I tried for umpteen number of times. Changing the channel through the web configuration did not give any error but I found that it was still transmitting at channel 1. [Read More]

Easiest Way to Shutdown Asus WL-500W

If you are a proud owner of an Asus WL-500W wireless router (or maybe another one of the same series like wl-500g, wl-500gp, etc), then you know that this router has a very useful USB port with which you might have attached your external hard disk and have already offloaded all your downloding tasks to it, or maybe using it for various other purposes. Whatever maybe the reason, the main point is that because of this hard disk, now we cannot just turn off the power of the router any more. [Read More]