Android/iPhone Beware: WP7 Phones have already sold 12 million devices

According to TechCrunch, that is. TC has a post on its blog right now (from none other than Michael Arrington) that says Toddlers Pick iPhone Over Windows 7 Phones 10-1. The article says that this is because a toddlers’ app maker’s notes that their app sold 71.5 apps per day on average on the iOS app store, while the number was 7.5 on the WP7 marketplace. Go read the article (it’s pretty short) and come back to read the below. [Read More]

ZDNet Fail. Answer is Stop Tech Blogging

Just read this article over at zdnet. What it basically says is condensed in these two points: Android is a failure for Google because it is open and carriers/OEMs are stripping off google search from it and putting replacements like baidu/Bing. (BTW, half the people say Android is fail because it is not open and the other half say it is fail because it is open. Which one is it, please decide ;) ) [Read More]

The Real Threat Of Windows Phone 7

Many people say that Windows Phone 7 is a threat to iPhone because they are bringing in a super platform with a choice of multiple designs and multiple carriers with great Enterprise and gaming support and maintaining the lucrative integration that iPhone provides. Many also say that Windows Phone 7 is a threat to Android because it solves the problem of Apple’s draconian policies, gives choice to customers and all this without fragmenting the OS all over the place. [Read More]

Android vs iPhone: Security Models

Android and iPhone OS (iOS) have been at loggerheads for quite some time now. This is a take on which has a better security model to protect its users. I thought of writing it up because there have been a lot of discussions around me lately about which platform is more secure and I keep repeating the same points over and over at every one of them, so thought that in future I’ll just point them to this page :P [Read More]

Apple is Magical: Daniel Eran Gilder is the Living Proof

Update: Removed the post as the person in consideration has contacted me with the explanation of what went down. I’m not sure if it is completely true or this is just as a response to this post but anyways, as I had contended in the original post that it was a stupid little thing that didn’t really warrant any attention or a post but I still did it just because I’m weird, so in the light of the developments, I think it’s best to remove the rants and focus on actual discussion. [Read More]