ImageMagick: Weaving Magic With Your Pictures

I’ve known about ImageMagick tools for quite some time now but never dabbled with it. A couple of weeks ago I played with it for some time (notice the new cascaded polaroid pics header above) and was amazed even more. Few of its shining features: It has almost unlimited features to manipulate your images through its tools like convert, montage, mogrify etc and their long list of options. [Read More]

Tips: Configure FTP upload support for wordpress in Blogjet

A few days ago, I had written about a wonderful blogging tool Blogjet. Now, if you host a wordpress blog, you’d be aware of the fact that for wordpress to be able to upload yor files (images, attachements in post etc) to the server, you have to make the upload directory writable by all. Now, this is a BIG security risk. Some people go to the lengths of CHMOD’ding their upload directory for a short while and after upload, restoring the apt file permissions back. [Read More]