Weekend Hack: Shoutcast2Dropbox - Automatic Shoutcast Stations To Dropbox Recorder

So I got bored of listening to same old songs on my phone over and over and Rdio announced a streaming plan for India. With a sigh of relief I subscribed immediately and it was stellar at home with its wonderful 32 million song collection and chromecast support to boot. The experience during the commute daily was underwhelming. Couple the spotty airtel data connection with no one station covering all songs I would love and it makes for a frustrating commute with long gaps all over. [Read More]

Converting A Toy RC Car Into An Autonomous Fun Car The Indian Way

Dangerous is a mind which is left grounded at home for days. Being stuck at home and having a few pieces of joy around made me do this over the weekend. Ingredients: An old Toy RC car broken out of shape by my 4 year old DAGU Mini Driver Screw Driver/Batteries/Tape/Glue/Rubber bands/Old gift cards Half an hour of coding Output: [Read More]

[TIP] Asus WL-500W Hacks:How To Reset Web Admin Password

Most of you must be knowing by now that I bought the amazing Asus WL-500W router a few days back. This router builds on the great lineage it has in its predecessors, the WL-500g, WL-500g Deluxe, WL-500gP, WL-500gP v2 etc, and shines ahead with being much more than a router, rather a complete headless linux PC. Anyways, to the point. In most routers/modems, if you forget the password to your web-administration gui (which generally resides as 192. [Read More]

Http 406 Errors Galore

If you have ever had these errors or just want to be prepared in case they pop up somtime (and they surely will), then read on as I discuss various situations that lead to them and also their solutions. I generally use desktop clients (mostly blogjet, but also Windows Live Writer and Scribe Fire sometimes) to blog to my WordPress based blogs. Some months ago, I started getting “Http 406: Not Acceptable” error while posting a particular post. [Read More]

Hack:Disabling the Message Box In Oxios Memory Apps (Windows Mobile)

**Update: **Modified the “Oxios Hibernate” app as well on public demand. Please redownload the below mentioned package. It now has Oxios Close as well as Oxios Hibernate. Oxios developed a very useful tool for Windows Mobile (WM2003/5/6/6.1) called “Oxios Memory” sometime ago. On running it, it’ll flush your RAM (kind of) and recover substantial amounts of memory that can be used by the currently program. It is so good at this that many people run it regularly on their phones, and most of them want to run it in an automated mode (through a scheduler or a script). [Read More]