Use Encrypted Google Search As Default in Chrome

Google just launched an encrypted search portal which is a Godsend for people on public networks since there is a lot that can be gleaned from your search queries. For doing your protected searches, however, you have to go to a different portal which I linked to above. Now, the omnibar (the address bar in Google Chrome) also serves as a search box but searches on the normal google portal by default. [Read More]

Google to abandon Android. Spin off separate company

Now, this is mind blowing. I’ve just talked to a pretty reliable source within the Android ranks of Google that Google is going to distance itself legally from Android and spin it off in a separate company. The source said that the move can happen very soon and may be announced at Google I/O conference in May. Although details are sketchy and only very few high profile folks know about it within Google, my source says that the probable reason is increasing worries about legal aspects of Android with respect to Patents and IP law suits. [Read More]

ZDNet Fail. Answer is Stop Tech Blogging

Just read this article over at zdnet. What it basically says is condensed in these two points: Android is a failure for Google because it is open and carriers/OEMs are stripping off google search from it and putting replacements like baidu/Bing. (BTW, half the people say Android is fail because it is not open and the other half say it is fail because it is open. Which one is it, please decide ;) ) [Read More]

Is Android Open Source Or Not?

Is Android really open source or not? That is the question being asked by almost everyone. A lot of people, especially those influenced by RDF or those who are in the news industry with no idea about OS and open source but were asked by their boss to get a scoop on this pronto, tend to bring up a few keywords and then twist them around in the way they see fit to make sure it says Android isn’t open. [Read More]

Solving The Android Permissions And Malware Puzzle

There has been a spate of security reports recently about Android apps being malware or suspicious. Most of these were found baseless but at least one was indeed correct (e.g. The Russian Trojan app). We also know that Android has a very good security model but even then, the rest of the reports also makes one think and focus on why an apps requires the permissions that it states it needs? [Read More]