One Month Completed....

Today, this blog completes one month of its existence in this world. The achievements, although minuscule in comparison to all the biggies out there, are significant for me. It achieved the following things in just 30 days from the first post: Front-paged at LifeHacker, HacksZine, and many others. Over 10000 (Ten Thousand) “unique” human visitors. Over 30000 (Thirty Thousand) page views by humans. Over 500000 (Half Million) total hits for all website files included. [Read More]


INTRODUCTION This is a very simple script that I did for a friend. It can be used to quickly generate blogrolls. Input: csv file with blog author names and blog links Output: OPML file that can be imported into many blogging/blogrolling software and websites (e.g. wordpress,, etc) Usage: <input file in csv format> <output opml filename> Input File Format: Each line should be like this: <Name of Author>,<bloglink>,<bloglink>... e. [Read More]