Hack: Pidgin-Gtalk Connection Problems - Get Around The Corporate Firewall

I recently wrote a simple answering machine program/plugin for pidgin and someone asked me to port it to 32 bit. So I fired up pidgin within my virtual box installation at work (as I have only a 64 bit machine at home) but couldn’t get it to connect. Tried all sorts of methods found over the net of changing ports etc, set port forwarding in Virtual Box NAT, even switched to using a bridged host interface but still no go. [Read More]

HollowMan Redux: Google Presents Gmail Users the Invisibility Cloak

Google gave us a nice little present today. The power to be all-seeing but yet still remaining unseen. Yes, now you can be “invisible” in your gmail chat session.


But beware, don’t fire up your gtalk, or you will again be as visible as a 100 watt bulb in a 4x4 room at night.