Tip: Gadgets, Deals And Stuff You Need To Know - Part II

Last time we discussed how to select the gadget that you want to buy. This time I’ll tell you some of the things that I do to find the best price for it. Use Price Comparison Engines: These engines will let you search for your desired products and provide a comparison of the costs at which they are available at different stores online as well as offline. Two of my favourites are Price Grabber and Froogle. [Read More]

Tip: Gadgets, Deals And Stuff You Need To Know - Part I

If you are a gadget freak like me and can’t resist the temptations to buy the newest toy on the shelves, then you’d obviously want to eek out the maximum you can from whatever budget you have. But while doing so you have to take care of a lot of things. Here is Part I of the few things that I do get the best deals out there while making sure I’m buying the right thing from the right place. [Read More]

My Top 5 Comics For The Geeks

If you think that all geeks do is walk around wearing thick glasses, code in unreadable languages and make weird gizmos from parts scrapped out of your junkyard, well you think wrong. We do like to have our share of fun. And what better to begin the day with a nice hot cuppa along with some geeky humour. Folks, here it is, the 5 comic strips that I love the most (in no particular order): [Read More]