KillZone 2 Steel-Book Edition is here

Note: Please DIGG this post by clicking here or Reddit this post by clicking here. I’ll be one of the proud owners of a very special steel book edition of Killzone 2 very soon. The cool part being that it’d be much before most of the rest of the world gets to even see these little babies because the official release date is still five days away. And the icing on the cake “A free classic Art Book”. [Read More]

My Brief History With Computers

I’m going to be bespectacled and have been advised to reduce and limit my computer usage considerably. A bit of nostalgia set in on hearing this and I thought about my short journey so far in this wonderland of solid-state and otherwise. **First time I touched a computer. 1989, at school in 2nd standard **First command I typed on a computer. “dir”, 1990, 3rd standard **First game I played on a computer. [Read More]

Games: Wormux Reporting to Action, SIR!!!

“Alpha to Bravo, over. Come in, Bravo, over.. We are under attack, over.. Send reinforcements asap. over and out”. Well, if you dream about conversing like this, then you are better off playing something like COD4 or BF2, but if you are into a little bit less intense military warfare, and are a fan of games like worms, tanks, etc (I’m a convicted Worms World Party addict on my HTC Wizard) then you are in for countless fun-filled, sleepless nights. [Read More]

AMD (ATi) Step Up The Tempo

AMD has been taking a lot of flak lately in its processor business, and a similar (albeit milder) thrashing was being given to its ATi Gfx line up as well. But they seem to be on the recover track now, with the release of the brand spanking new HD3870X2 series, some people aptly calling it “crossfire on a card”. All you gamers, please stop drooling on the screen now, and check out some benchmarks. [Read More]