NTP Driver For ESP8266

I’m building a smartwatch project based around the new IoT posterkid on the block, ESP8266. Apart from the usual “smart” stuff, it does still need to display correct time :) and hence, the need for an ntp driver/client. I couldn’t find anyone working on that yet, so wrote up a quick and dirty implementation here: NTP Implementation for ESP8266 ESP8266 Smartwatch NTP Demo It still has a lot of stuff left to be done to make it good enough for the smartwatch project but it works. [Read More]

Engineer: A New Definition

Came across this funny, but still thought provoking, definition of an engineer. (Taken from “The Embedded Muse”, a useful embedded stuff related newsletter published by Jack Ganssel.) “An engineer is a person who passes as an exacting expert on the basis of being able to turn out with prolific fortitude infinite strings of incomprehensible formulas calculated with micrometric precision from vague assumptions which are based on debatable figures taken from inconclusive experiments carried out with instruments of problematical accuracy by persons of questionable mentality and doubtful reliability for the avowed purpose of annoying and confusing a hopelessly chimerical group of esoteric fanatics referred to altogether too frequently as technicians. [Read More]