Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive Updated to 1.2.0

Just finished uploading the new version 1.2.0 of my android app Wi-Fi Keep Alive to the Android market. This version has a lot of optimizations and also a few workarounds to overcome the issues few guys were facing with Android’s in-built handling of wi-fi sleep policies. Changes done in this version: Added workarounds to take care of sleep policies not working on some phones Optimized the code a bit for faster operations [Read More]

Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive

I just wrote my second Android App. This again was to scratch an itch of mine but it seems to have become a bit popular already (My first app “Quick Sync Settings” did around 400 downloads in 20 days but this one has already surpassed that in less than one day). This app basically allows you to change the wi-fi sleep policy on android so that you can keep your wi-fi connected even if the phone goes to sleep (i. [Read More]

Apology For Bad Downloads

Guys, for the past few days if you downloaded any “.tar.gz” packages from this site (like my splert or shantz-xwinwrap tools), then you’d have got a corrupt package. Turns out there was some issue with mime-types with my setup. I haven’t been able to resolve it still but have re-upped the packages in “zip” format. Please download them again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

One Month Completed....

Today, this blog completes one month of its existence in this world. The achievements, although minuscule in comparison to all the biggies out there, are significant for me. It achieved the following things in just 30 days from the first post: Front-paged at LifeHacker, HacksZine, and many others. Over 10000 (Ten Thousand) “unique” human visitors. Over 30000 (Thirty Thousand) page views by humans. Over 500000 (Half Million) total hits for all website files included. [Read More]

Site Updates: More Content For You

I’ve added a few new sections to the blog. Do check them out. Here is a list of the new sections along with their descriptions. [Projects]: Although I wouldn’t put myself in the category of an excellent developer but I can sure type in a few lines that can compile without an error and also manage to carry out a task or two. So, this page will list some of those little things that I write to weed out a few niggles or scratch a few itches of mine. [Read More]