Migrating my hugo blog from Gitlab/AWS S3 to Github Pages with Actions

Until Now - The State of the union This blog is generated using hugo, an awesome static site generator. So far, the workflow I used to deploy it was: Push commit to the source repository on GitLab GitLab CI kicks off on receiving the push CI downloads latest version of hugo and generates the static site Runs aws-cli to sync the new files to AWS S3 S3 serves the static site Cloudflare provides: DNS services (so I can use https://shantanugoel. [Read More]

WordCamp India Is Here

Just a little piece of news to all the bloggers, and especially WordPressers (did I just coin a new term?), out there. WordCamp is coming to India. And what’s more, Matt is going to be there. (Yes, THE Matt. Oh My, you just don’t believe me, do you. Fanboys, it is time to rejoice as I assure you this is THEMatt Mullenweg). It’s going to be held on the 21st and 22nd of this Feb at Adobe, Noida (who are the main sponsors for this event). [Read More]

Slow Updates And A Small Nugget Post

Many readers of this blog have written to me for the slow updates. I apologize for the same. I’ve been swamped by loads of work for quite some time now and haven’t been able to write anything here or update any of my projects, though I have loads of new hacks and tricks that I would write once I’m free and lots in store for most of the projects as well in form of bug fixes and new features. [Read More]

Site Updates

Just wanted to apologize to you guys for not updating this blog frequently as work load is becoming more and more these days. But I’ll try my best to update as often as possible. There are a couple of useful apps that I wrote some time ago but havent found time to add all the features that I wanted and to roll them out, maybe I’ll release them with the current feature set. [Read More]

Twittering Away With Delhi Bloggers

If you are twittering kinds, doesn’t matter online or offline If you blog or are interested in all things blog and blogging If you live in Delhi, have lived there, have been there, or just connect with Delhi somehow else If you want to meet up with your fellow twitterers and bloggers Then you’ve got to be a part of the your very own City of The People With Hearts, Delhi. [Read More]