Android Paid Apps Now Live In India

Yes! As of today noon, paid apps are now visible on my Android Nexus One in India. Few salient points (Also, look at the end to see how to get paid apps if you are not able to see them yet): The marketplace shows approximate prices of each app in Indian Rupees (INR) (Edit: I’ve just learned from few tweets that this is a new feature worldwide. People everywhere are now seeing approximate app costs in their local currencies. [Read More]

Carrier Billing Behind Android Paid Apps Market Jump?

We heard the news today that paid apps in Android market place have been extended to 18 new countries. Could “Carrier Billing” (Allowing your service operator to add the apps’ price to your cellphone bill) be the reason behind it? I think so. It was long suggested that Google Checkout and corresponding legal issues in using it across various countries was the reason behind the paid apps not being available in those countries. [Read More]

Android Paid Apps Available In India

Just got a mail from Google that paid apps are being made available in India. HOORAY!!! In addition, developers from 20 more countries can sell apps on market (Unfortunately, no India in this list) and people from 18 more countries can buy paid apps. This is a big thing because now 32 countries out of 44 where Android has footprint can buy paid apps. This should take away one of the biggest drawbacks that Android marketplace was facing. [Read More]

Setup Call Recording With Android App Tasker On Nexus One

I wanted to record calls on my Android phone (Nexus one). The easy way would have been to download an app but I like tinkering. And given that I recently bought Tasker, android’s very own swiss knife, I thought I should give it a run. After just an hour I was able to create my very own call recorder (some time went into trial and error with things as this was my first major task with tasker and also some things didn’t work with nexus one, which I will note below). [Read More]

Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive updates

I pushed out a couple of updates to my android app Wi-Fi Keep alive a few weeks ago (mainly related to fixing the resolution and colors of the widget icons) taking the latest version to 1.4.4. This is just to let you know that it will take a while (a few weeks) more to get the pending updates and requests in to the program. I have been pretty ill for the last few weeks and have only just got back up out of the bed and now my development machine has also gone for a toss. [Read More]