Project: Shantz WordPress Prefix Suffix Updated to 1.1.2

My WordPress Plugin “Shantz Wordpress Prefix Suffix” has just been updated to version 1.1.2. For those who don’t know, this is a super-light and easy to use plugin that allows you to add any text or html/javascript/php code to your posts, be it the top of the posts, bottom of the posts or even in the middle. And you get a lot of options to control all this. I use it even on my site, to create links for my other blogs, adding copyright notices and even for advertisements (google adsense, chitika premium, etc). [Read More]

Project: Shantz-WP-Prefix-Suffix Updated to 1.1.0

Well, its not just prefix suffix any more, because I added an option to add things in the middle of the posts as well. I got this idea because people told me that this was one of the most sought after option as advertisements (e.g. google adsense, adbrite, etc) give maximum click through rate when placed smack dab in the middle of the content. What’s more is that it is configurable and you can choose how many paragraphs and/or words should be skipped from the start of the post before you add whatever you want, be it text, css, html, php or javascript. [Read More]

Google Adsense : Conflict of Interests?

“Google Adsense” has been caught in a conflict of interests with its parent company “Google”. Google piad 140k to teh cause of “Say No to Prop 8” but on the other hand people reported that Google Adsense delivered a substantially huge amount of “Say Yes to Prop 8” advertisements all over the internet, even on sites which are completely out of context with this matter. Not only is this conflicting with the interests of the parent company but also with the “Terms of Use” put forward by Adsense that ads should not have any kind of intolerance or advocacy towards an individual or a group. [Read More]

Save Your Adsense Account: Put Up That Privacy Policy

Google is known to be pretty strict with making sure that all Adsense publishers remain conformant to their policies. I’m not very old in this game but had read and heard enough (about google shutting down Adsense accounts without even warning) that I made sure to read their terms and conditions thoroughly. What got my attention was the very last line in the policy: Now why I wrote this post was that though almost every site I visit has adsense ads, but only a very miniscule fraction of them is abiding with this condition. [Read More]