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I just wrote my second Android App. This again was to scratch an itch of mine but it seems to have become a bit popular already (My first app “Quick Sync Settings” did around 400 downloads in 20 days but this one has already surpassed that in less than one day). This app basically allows you to change the wi-fi sleep policy on android so that you can keep your wi-fi connected even if the phone goes to sleep (i.

Wi-Fi Keep Alive

UPDATE Potential work arounds for folks having problem in sleep policies not working correctly have been put in version 1.2.0 onwards. Please redownload to test and let me know. Read below for more details. Latest Version: 1.4.4 (See below for change log history) Are you frustrated by your downloads getting broken or worse, switching over to slow and expensive mobile data connections like GPRS/Edge/3G when your wi-fi connection gets dropped by your Android phone when the screen goes off?

Android and iPhone OS (iOS) have been at loggerheads for quite some time now. This is a take on which has a better security model to protect its users. I thought of writing it up because there have been a lot of discussions around me lately about which platform is more secure and I keep repeating the same points over and over at every one of them, so thought that in future I’ll just point them to this page :P

For most new android app developers (like me), it is a bit puzzling how to debug the android widgets or how to put a breakpoint in an android widget code. For normal applications, it is quite simple as when you press “debug” on the eclipse toolbar, it launches the emulator (or connects to existing emulator/device), syncs your application and launches its main activity and puts the control in your hands if you have put a breakpoint.

Just a small post to let you know that I just published a small app in the android market, which scratches an itch of mine and I thought probably it will be help others too. It basically provides a quick, one-click access to the accounts and sync settings of Android. The use case for me was that I need to enable/disable syncing for my work email while I’m at work every day as I am already in front of my office PC so don’t need to waste battery and be annoyed by mail notifications on phone but still need to keep google calendar syncing.

Quick Sync Settings

This is a very small android app to open the accounts and sync settings in one click. We all need to disable the sync settings of a particular account sometimes but keep all other items still syncing. For example, for most of the day I’m at work, in front of my office PC so I don’t need to keep my work email syncing which causes unnecessary drain on my battery but I do need to keep other things, like my google calendar, syncing still.

Update: Removed the post as the person in consideration has contacted me with the explanation of what went down. I’m not sure if it is completely true or this is just as a response to this post but anyways, as I had contended in the original post that it was a stupid little thing that didn’t really warrant any attention or a post but I still did it just because I’m weird, so in the light of the developments, I think it’s best to remove the rants and focus on actual discussion.

This is an effort from my side to consolidate everything about Android Froyo with respect to Nexus One. It is mainly concentrated towards listing the features/fixes that we have seen in Froyo that weren’t announced in Google I/O, things that work with nexus one, things that don’t and possible fixes/workarounds known, what the announced features actually feel like in real use etc.** Will keep updating this post as I get more info, get more fixes, etc.

Just a quick post to tell you how to update your Nexus One to Android 2.2 Froyo immediately without waiting for google to send it to you OTA. Download this file from google’s servers: http://android.clients.google.com/packages/passion/signed-passion-FRF50-from-ERE27.1e519a24.zip After that just follow the below mentioned steps: Put it on your SD card and rename to update.zip Power off then hold trackball and press power again to boot into recovery Go to Bootloader -> Recovery

This is just a short post to to document how I got JDownloader to integrate with Flashgot. JDownloader doesn’t have an installer but a zip file that you just download and extract somewhere on your PC and start using it. Somehow, the Flashgot extension of Firefox is not able to detect it automatically and I didn’t know what parameters to use to add it manually to its list. Latest versions of JDownloader ask you whether you want to install Flashgot or not.