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I am pretty sure that all of you must be fed of that one windows taking up the whole task bar in the panel. Like this: Well, you can change that. Plus, all you windows-to-linux converts must also be thinking of how to squeeze in a few more windows into the task bar. A “grouping of similar windows” option like windows would have been just nice. Well, that can be done too, and without any shell scripting, config file modifying, etc.

As the pic above says, it turned out to be quite elementary in the end. But what is “it” actually? The Problem: Since the beginning of time (read launching of WM6), millions of WM users (ok ok, will not exaggerate from now on) have been facing a very peculiar issue. The issue is that people tell them all the time that they are avoiding those people, and not taking their calls.

A user going by the remarkably simple handle “email123” announced on the xda-developers forum, that WM6.1 is here, alive and kicking. But he doesn’t stop there, he says that its available “now”, that too for an HTC wizard, a 3 year old phone (which I own as well). Thats not all, he goes on to provide the proof by linking in his cooked ROM for all to download. But, here is the clincher, he claims that finally “Big Storage” is available for wizard, a feat noone has been able to achieve in the last 3 years.

Ask any laptop user about how much he liked to kick some butt in Gears of War and he would cringe and cry with agony even before you are able to say the “C” of Crysis. But not anymore. For its notebook consumers, Dell has finally come up with the perfect answer to the questions posed by these ridiculously-difficult-to-get-more-than-10-fps games. Available now is some motherly love for your laps in the form of 8800M GTX with its M1730.

[](/img/uploads/blogjet_in_linux.png) A quick googling for best desktop blogging client would yield just a few (read millions/gazillions) results. Having researched the subject a lot, my choices were finally limited down to BlogJet and BlogDesk, as per my feature set requirement goes (Primarily, off line editing, draft, WYSIWYG editing, categories, tagging support, pinging, trackbacks support, timestamping, past post editing, automatic image uploading) BUT there is one little problem. Both of these don’t work on Linux.

_if buying cell phones on ebay wasn’t annoying enough already, with a bajillion things that you should know, it’s about to get a lot worse - at least if you’re thinking of purchasing a Nokia N95 phone. Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95 in this How-To._ Came across this post today, now even your N95’s aren’t safe. Make sure to check this guide to identify if your latest boy-toy is a fake or not.

One thing that is most difficult to choose (after a dress for your girlfriend that doesn’t make her “look” fat) is choosing a webhost. A google search is going to even confuse you further. As you wade into this enormous ocean, you will be wowed by the offers given by some of these hosts, throwing away 100’s of GBs (no less) of disk space and bandwidth running into terrabytes. Almost every software on earth in your one-click fantastico arsenal.

AMD has been taking a lot of flak lately in its processor business, and a similar (albeit milder) thrashing was being given to its ATi Gfx line up as well. But they seem to be on the recover track now, with the release of the brand spanking new HD3870X2 series, some people aptly calling it “crossfire on a card”. All you gamers, please stop drooling on the screen now, and check out some benchmarks.

For the very post of this blog, I chose a subject that’s close to my heart. Yes, its Windows Mobile. My trusted 900⁄1800 MHZ companion for the past couple of years is an HTC Wizard. If you have ever looked into the WinMob world, its pretty much common knowledge that HTC owns the 95% of market share of this niche little space. They are a huge organization and with huge profits and they do make jolly good phones.