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If you serve any kind of files for download on your WordPress blog(s), one thing you should definitly be looking out for is a download manager plugin. Post attachments are oh-so-2007. Uploading files to your server and hand-posting links everywhere is a pain in the butt. And what about your hunger for statistics? Well, if you agree with me, then i would like to tell you about two fantastic plugins:

Today, this blog completes one month of its existence in this world. The achievements, although minuscule in comparison to all the biggies out there, are significant for me. It achieved the following things in just 30 days from the first post: Front-paged at LifeHacker, HacksZine, and many others. Over 10000 (Ten Thousand) “unique” human visitors. Over 30000 (Thirty Thousand) page views by humans. Over 500000 (Half Million) total hits for all website files included.

Last time, I had told you about how to reduce the backup size. Well, this is a short note further developing on the approaches discussed there. Basically, telling tar to backup only those files which have changed. For this, Linux has a command “find” which I am very fond of. You can give it a option “-newer” followed by a f”_filename_” and it will return the names of the files that are newer than filename.

If you are moving your blog, or just want to start afresh, you would definitely use some way to import your old content into the new place, instead of manually copying and pasting everything. Generally this means saving your database and importing into the new place. But: You have seen WordPress importing your/others’ blogs from other services automatically. Wasn’t that quick and easy. Your databse has become overly full of so much trash over the years and you would like to trim out all the fat and take just the meat (the posts, pages, comments, tags, custom fields etc)

This is a post about irresponsible/careless journalism/bloggism. For Gizmodo, getting that post about HTC’s latest press release out the door took precedence over actually **reading **the release properly and then commenting over it. The gizmodo poster’s comment is: ……but HTC's finally released a statement saying that a fix is coming. They say that the **video acceleration _will_ be supported in the future, and will be included in software upgrades for current devices**…….

If you are like me (I mean underpaid, overworked, coding zombie), then the only time you find for blogging is weekends. To keep your readers happy and satisfied through the week, the only options you have are burning the midnight electricity (what? You still use oil? :P) or paying up your son/nephew/wife/etc to push the publish button regularly for the drafts you wrote on weekend. Right? WRONG…. Matt and his AutoMattic team took care of bonded labour like us, and had the good heart to put in the capability of scheduling posts in WordPress (More commonly known as “_future posting_”).

Who wouldn’t agree that Morph is most probably the coolest mutant (besides Wolverine of of course ). Now, it seems that the Finnish Giant Nokia has a lot of X-Men lovers as well, as they put out their latest offering to us lesser mortals. They call it “The Morph Concept”. Featured in The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition, the Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to end-users.

Last week I had written a short guide on “Automating Website Backups”. I received some good comments/suggestions about it from Jasvinder through e-mail about other aspects that should be addressed. So, thought of doing a few follow ups to that post. This is done in more of a FAQ fashion, so as to answer some of the questions that may arise after reading the first post. Each post will answer one of the questions listed below in detail

I updated my wordpress plugin shantz-wp-qotd. (A feature rich, customizable wordpress quotes plugin) today to version 1.2.0. The new version has the following changes: Added option to exclude pages from displaying quotes Fixed a bug that quotes source selection checkboxes always remain checked after updating settings. Cosmetic: Fixed a few spelling mistakes :)