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If you had a dream of starting your own website, your online abode, and you wanted to see whether the pretty little name for your dream house is available or not, what do you do? Check its availability on one of the many domain sellers’ sites. And if you picked “Network Solutions” to do the search, then you have just been scammed my dear friend. Did you wonder, that though Network Solutions showed the domain name as available, but yet when you searched and found a cheaper registrar, the domain name was suddenly…GONE.

Even though they are using a battery with 10 times the juice of a normal one, but still the claim is impressive on 2 counts acc to me: The size of the battery “seems” to be not that big for having 10 times the mAs. Even with this battery, 1 year of standby and 3 days of talk time is impressive. But one term spoils it all for me, “vaporware”, anyone?

Just read on BGR, that RIM will have to close down its BlackBerry service in India if they don’t allow our government to snoop on every little piece of data that goes through it. WTF? On an even more serious note, if they do comply, then will the same demand be made to all the ISPs? I just shudder at the mere thought of this…Quotin BGR below It looks as if the Indian government is not content with its inability to decrypt their citizens BlackBerry e-mails, and is threatening a shutdown of Research In Motion's devices in the country as punishment.

I Heart Canon

A gaping mouth was all I had when my 3 year ol’ Canon Powershot S1 IS’s LCD/EVF went blank all of a sudden a few months ago. Nothing could be seen, clicking the picture button resulted in blank pics. Googling about it revealed an advisory by Canon, stating that it is a known issue with the CCD image sensor. Canon impressed me by that notice when they said they will fix it for free, even for cameras out of warranty period, and will also pay to-and-fro shipping.

I’m back from my vacation and this is a smallish post before we return to our regular programming (I’m full of puns ). Rahul (my friend and guest author on this blog) introduced me to an old-but-useful trick a few days ago that I didn’t know about. It’s about customizing nautilus to display a context menu that has a few of your chosen scripts to weave their magic on the selected object.

Admin Note: Rahul is a long time friend of mine, and is a well known geek amongst his friends and colleagues. I’m happy to announce that he will be enriching this site from time-to-time as a guest editor/author. First up is a small tid-bit of a script that he wrote to ease up his life between installations and reinstallations of everyone’s favourite OS: Ubuntu. Over to his post.. Have you ever had to reinstall your ubuntu installation, and then bear the pain of manually installing the applications you’ve come to love (i mean use :)) everyday?

The question that we will be answering today is: **Q2: **Cron? Using tar, making up the script file is enough command line for me. Isn’t there an easy way? Cron is a tool that can schedule any kind of tasks for you, and here we are using it to run our backup script automatically, so that we can concentrate on blogging. Now, most of us are phobic of anything that has anything to do with command line.

"Alpha to Bravo, over. Come in, Bravo, over.. We are under attack, over.. Send reinforcements asap. over and out". Well, if you dream about conversing like this, then you are better off playing something like COD4 or BF2, but if you are into a little bit less intense military warfare, and are a fan of games like worms, tanks, etc (I’m a convicted Worms World Party addict on my HTC Wizard) then you are in for countless fun-filled, sleepless nights.

Linux: Webcam Fun

If you thought that a webcam is just for getting in visual touch with your distant friends, then you could not be more wrong. There are many other uses e.g., making videos, rudimentary security systems, etc. But I didn’t know that it’d be as simple as a a few keystrokes and a couple of clicks, until I stumbled across this article on Linux.com - Five fun ways to use a Linux webcam.

jeffro2pt0 has a little contest going on his blog, giving out coupons to wpdesigners.com which lets you get atleast 12 WordPress themes for just 5$. Only thing you have to do is give a unique idea that could help improve wordpress. Now, I don’t want anymore themes (actually I’m a cheap-skate who can’t spend even 5$ for a theme, unless one of you decides to get me one ), but I got a few ideas instantly.