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Updated my WordPress plugin shantz-wp-qotd to version 1.2.2 today. Introduction: Shantz WP QOTD is a plugin to add quotes to your wordpress blog in a few easy clicks. It adds quotes to your posts and your sidebars with a multitude of options for sources and customization. Changelog: Version 1.2.2 Fixed a bug because of which quotes were blank some times. Thanks to Thom for reporting it.

Many people ask me why are people crazy about Open Source, or why does it even exist. After all if your code is out there, you can’t make money off it, right? Well, yes and no. Now, I ain’t no open source guru, but I do my part for it. Generally my explanations are either too complex, too full of extra details or mostly just described badly for a layman that I end up on square one, i.

Situation: You are migrating your WordPress blog from PHP4 to PHP5 (intentionally or being forced to as you web host won’t support PHP4 anymore). Most of the times, this is as simple as adding some simple lines to .htaccess (e.g. AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php ). And you might not notice any issues. But many of you still do. The issues range from weird page layouts, to some controls not working, to some errors popping up here and there, and probably your blog not even displaying.

If you are twittering kinds, doesn’t matter online or offline If you blog or are interested in all things blog and blogging If you live in Delhi, have lived there, have been there, or just connect with Delhi somehow else If you want to meet up with your fellow twitterers and bloggers Then you’ve got to be a part of the your very own City of The People With Hearts, Delhi.

Some time back I had posted a little hack to fix an issue that users of i3theme have, i.e., their right sidebar drops to below the main content area in IE6. But it wasn’t that good as it took care of only the situation when this phenomena was caused by the tag cloud widget. So, here is a little modification I did to fix the issue more properly. Go to your wp-content/themes/ folder and open the style.

pidgin is everybody’s favourite IM client. Lifehacker includes it in its list of top 5 IM clients. Obviously I use it too, but one drawback of being lazy and not switching over to Gutsy Gibbon was that I was stuck with version 2.2.0 for a long time. But recently I began a new journey towards d-bus programming and chose pidgin as my companion. Found out that 2.2.0 has some serious d-bus issues on amd64 that were fixed in 2.

Have been in the hunt for a good basic paint program for linux for so long. I’m running a Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (amd64) box (yeah, yeah I didn’t upgrade to Gutsy because it sneaked up too quickly onto me and the impending loom of LTS goodness of Hardy was also there). Have been suggested various things so far like GPaint, Kolourpaint, tuxpaint etc but none of them cuts it. Don’t get me wrong, I love GIMP but its an overkill when I have to go through 2 menus, a dialogue box and several clicks, just to make a silly rectangle, but I don’t hold anything against it cuz afterall its an “Image Manipulation” program, not a painting one.

Qualcomm wets it feet again in the ice-cold/boiling-hot mixture of a sea that our Mobile Phone Industry is. They decided that the all the phone makers around the globe are just churning out junk upon the unsuspecting people. Claiming to take the bull by its horns, and revolutionizing the world that whirls around it, the touted features are: No Battery Required Unlimited Expandable Memory Completely Waterproof …and weight -> weightless

If you have ever needed to share files between your Linux and Windows computers, you have obviously used Samba, and have been quite happy with the way it seamlessly provides access to and from shared folders/files from Windows and Linux. However, many people complain that although their smb/Samba shares are accessible from Windows, they are not able to do the same with their Windows Mobile devices. e.g., using a tool called “Resco Explorer” on Windows Mobile, all they get while searching for their linux based Samba shares is the following screenshot: