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If you use the awesome download manager plugin “Drain Hole” for your WordPress blog (A short review here), and upgraded to the latest version 2.1.3, you must have noticed that it doesn’t scan and add new files to the download repositories now. Well, this is a quick and short post to tell you how to fix it in less than a minute. Steps: Go to your wordpress folder and then navigate to wp-content/plugins/drain-hole/models.

A couple of days ago, I read this on Matthew Garrette’s blog, where he tells us about a vendor’s BIOS trying to figure out the OS type/version and setting things around on deciding the OS it is running. The call in question was _OSI(“Linux”). He goes on to say that the action the firmware takes, on finding out if the OS is linux, was probably inaccurate and it was good that linux kernel DOES NOT identify itself as “Linux” and returns false for the _OSI(“Linux”) and instead returns true when probed for Windows.

Site Updates

Just wanted to apologize to you guys for not updating this blog frequently as work load is becoming more and more these days. But I’ll try my best to update as often as possible. There are a couple of useful apps that I wrote some time ago but havent found time to add all the features that I wanted and to roll them out, maybe I’ll release them with the current feature set.

**UPDATE: **Surprisingly this post has found favour with “digg”ers :). Check the bottom of the post for some more info about the setup UPDATE2: On popular demand, I’ve uploaded my .conkyrc. Download Conky Configuration file by clicking here and save as .conkyrc in your home folder. After loitering around for so long, I finally got my lazy bum off the bed and installed Hardy Heron (8.04.1) onto my aging laptop. I’ve never been a sucker for eye-candy stuff, prefering to have more resources available for real work, instead of ooh-aahing over nice looking things all around my desktop.

I watched “Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay” a few days ago. Cool movie, though not as awesome as “Go to White Castle” one. But one thing that I liked was the poem that Kumar (Kal Penn) recites in an attempt to woo back her love by embarrassing himself more than he had embarrassed her (Yes, you can see such situations only in H&K movies ;) ). The poem is actually written by one “David Feinberg”.

Everywhere you go, any building you enter, any OS you operate, any settings window you open, one rule remains set in stone, “THE ESCAPE DOOR”. Always give an exit path, a way to make it all go away, make it look like nothing happened. But Gnome seems to think otherwise. Any settings window you open, all you see is a “close” button. I made a few changes and then tried to “undo” them by using the following methods:

I’m going to be bespectacled and have been advised to reduce and limit my computer usage considerably. A bit of nostalgia set in on hearing this and I thought about my short journey so far in this wonderland of solid-state and otherwise. **First time I touched a computer. 1989, at school in 2nd standard **First command I typed on a computer. “dir”, 1990, 3rd standard **First game I played on a computer.

iPhone 3G, the “supposedly” latest and greatest handhled, just continues to amaze me, with its ridiculousness of course. I mean first they dare to call a machine a smartphone that can’t run more than one app a time, need you to send the unit back even for a battery change, fix the glaring mistakes of its predecessor and call them “features” and make you believe that you are getting it all for cheap while covertly telling you that you need a minimum of 2 year 70$ contract to get it and need to pay through every hole for even software updates.

This is the last part in this series. So far we’ve seen how to select the gadget and how to get the best price for it. This time we’ll fill in the last remaining piece of the puzzle, the minor tit-bits that go a long way in preventing a lot of heart-burn. Don’t worry this is a short one. This last piece is to make sure that the place that you decided upon to buy your gadget, is OK in all respects, i.