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As some of you know that I’ve taken up the development of the ultra-cool xwinwrap tool that allows you to use movies, screensavers etc as wallpapers for you linux desktops. Here is version 0.02 for you consumption that fixes a bug because of which the generated window was overlapping other windows. The download file has plain executable binaries as well as deb packages for Ubuntu. Moreover, I’ve included both 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions.

For those who don’t know Shantz-WP-Prefix-Suffix is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add any text and/or HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript code to the top or bottom of your posts (e.g. see my site links at top of each post and the copyright link and permalink at the bottom of each) I’ve updated it to version 1.0.4 which allows you to add PHP code to the top or bottom of your posts now.

Amit has written a detailed Satellite TV (DTH) Guide and Comparison about the scene in India. He compares the various players that are operating right now and gives suggestions on what should one look at while choosing out of all the available operators. If you are confused about what the advent of all these different names like Tata Sky (Tata), Big TV (Reliance) and Airtel Digital TV (Bharti) means for you, then do take a look at it.

If you are a student (this works for non-students as well but I expect you to be honest ;) ), you can download a whole bunch of software for free. How? Well, all you need is to become an ACM student member, and join the MSDN AA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance) ACM Student Benefit Program. Normally it takes around 19$ for you to become a student member but you can do it for free for a limited time by going to http://campus.

Just came across this very cool online emulator that lets you get a first hand experience of how the Google Android based phone T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) will look and behave like. The sliding notification mechanisms look cool, few of the things aren’t working but still a good thing to check out. However, I don’t know if this is an official site by T-Mobile or not. Linky: http://tmobile.modeaondemand.com/htc/g1/

I updated my project splert to version 0.03 today.For those who don’t know splert is a tool that lets you convert the multi-client instant messenger pidgin (connects to gtalk, msn, yahoo, jabber, etc) into a full blown answering machine and much more. The main changes are: Now you can use other 3rd party twitter bots with it to get updates through twitter since the official twitter bot is down since a long time and there are no chances of coming back soon.

Recently I wrote a small autoreply-answering-machine app for pidgin with a simple premise. Send custom automatic replies to different people when they message you and came across a strange bug. It never sent the reply when you received the first message from someone. I was using the “ReceivedImMessage” signal over d-bus (or “received-im-message” for the plugin writers). What I found initially looked to be a gross and basic error by pidgin developers, but later found that it is indeed a good design and thought that I’ll make a post about it for the benefit of fellow pidgin plugin/app developers.

Update: In a thread about this post at Dropbox forums, it was brought to my notice that Dropbox has now changed its terms to remove the objectionable clause. If you use dropbox (A popular online storage service with free 2 GB space), and use (or intend to use) its public or shared folders feature, then you must know something about the EULA (End Users’ LIcense Agreement). Yes, the one that you clicked “I Agree” on, without even reading one word of.

Just a small shout out to let you guys know that you can use the discount coupon code “linkup” while signing up the excellent online backup service SpiderOak to get a major bump to 10 GB from the 2 GB that they give to normal accounts. For those who don’t know SpiderOak is a great online data backup service, with its major strengths being truly cross paltform (Mac/Linux/Windows – 32 bit as well as 64 bit), easy interface, rsync like differential backups to save time and disk space, versioned file history, web as well as client interface, unlimited number of devices, unlimited bandwidth, etc etc.

A few people (e.g. Varun) told me my previous post differed from the way how google chrome / Microsoft IE8 handle Incognito (Private Browsing) mode. The main consideration was that while chrome/IE8 don’t write anything to disk at all, the firefox method is an after-effect, i.e., writing to disk and then clearing it up while closing the window. Well, true but nothing is non-rectificable :). So this is a post about a method that one can use to go “really” undercover with firefox.