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For those who are new to this plugin, Shantz WP Prefix Suffix is a light-weight and easy to use plugin which allows you to add any text, HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript code to your posts and/or pages as prefix and/or suffix. (That includes even any new or old posts and pages and even your feed) Examples of use cases could be to include your copyright message, advertisements (like adsense, etc), permalinks, your other site links, any other custom messages.

For those who don’t know ShantzTodayChanger is a small Windows Mobile tool that allows you to cycle through your wallpapers/themes or run applications after specified intervals of time automatically and provides you a lot of tweaking options to control this. Sometime back I formatted my laptop which I dual booted between Windows XP and Linux (Ubuntu, if you may ask). Now I installed Hardy Heron back onto thenew system within an hour but just can’t get myself motivated to “finish” the Windows install by getting and installing all the drivers after having to sit through hours pointing, clicking and rebooting to get just the base installed.

A webhost that puts building relationships with customers before making money is definitely a good webhost. And this works out to be good for you as well as the webhost in the end. Now, why am I saying this all which should be part of a “Doing Business 101” course. Because, in this world of unprofessional webhosting, where people lure you with fool’s gold, promising everything unlimited and cutting you off with even the slightest of deviation from their “AUP” mumbo jumbo, there still exist good webhosts which promise you very little but are good enough to deliver on them and then some more.

A friend called me today and happened to mention his biggest gripe about Lotus Notes, that it hangs ever so often (ok that’s acceptable), but the clincher is that if you kill it through the task manager it will not allow you to restart and relogin until you reboot your PC. Now, that is a serious problem and a hit to productivity. But the omniscient angel I am, I had the solution ready (because till a couple of years ago, I was also haunted by this very issue every day).

FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) community rejoices today as google finally lived upto their promise of releasing the android source code. Now, the things that is left to be evaluated is that how much of it is actually true, or whether there are some binary blobs still in there. Moreover, it remains to be seen that how much this converts into a “community” project instead of being ruled by Google with an iron hand.

There is still a day left for the first Android based Device, T-Mobile G1, to come out into the hands of general public but I was in a for a small surprise as I went through my Google Analytics report for the last week. It had a mysterious number of 2 sitting at the bottom of my “Unique Visitors by Operating Systems” filter report. The “mysterious” part coming from the fact that the left most column displayed “Android”.

As some of you know that I’ve taken up the development of the ultra-cool xwinwrap tool that allows you to use movies, screensavers etc as wallpapers for you linux desktops. Here is version 0.02 for you consumption that fixes a bug because of which the generated window was overlapping other windows. The download file has plain executable binaries as well as deb packages for Ubuntu. Moreover, I’ve included both 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions.

For those who don’t know Shantz-WP-Prefix-Suffix is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add any text and/or HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript code to the top or bottom of your posts (e.g. see my site links at top of each post and the copyright link and permalink at the bottom of each) I’ve updated it to version 1.0.4 which allows you to add PHP code to the top or bottom of your posts now.

Amit has written a detailed Satellite TV (DTH) Guide and Comparison about the scene in India. He compares the various players that are operating right now and gives suggestions on what should one look at while choosing out of all the available operators. If you are confused about what the advent of all these different names like Tata Sky (Tata), Big TV (Reliance) and Airtel Digital TV (Bharti) means for you, then do take a look at it.

If you are a student (this works for non-students as well but I expect you to be honest ;) ), you can download a whole bunch of software for free. How? Well, all you need is to become an ACM student member, and join the MSDN AA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance) ACM Student Benefit Program. Normally it takes around 19$ for you to become a student member but you can do it for free for a limited time by going to http://campus.