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Most of you must be knowing by now that I bought the amazing Asus WL-500W router a few days back. This router builds on the great lineage it has in its predecessors, the WL-500g, WL-500g Deluxe, WL-500gP, WL-500gP v2 etc, and shines ahead with being much more than a router, rather a complete headless linux PC. Anyways, to the point. In most routers/modems, if you forget the password to your web-administration gui (which generally resides as 192.

Many readers of this blog have written to me for the slow updates. I apologize for the same. I’ve been swamped by loads of work for quite some time now and haven’t been able to write anything here or update any of my projects, though I have loads of new hacks and tricks that I would write once I’m free and lots in store for most of the projects as well in form of bug fixes and new features.

I have a coupon to give away for the excellent SiteGround Web Hosting. This coupon will take off 20$ from anything you want to buy from them. If you have an existing website with them, then also you can use this to take off 20$ from your bill. So, what do you have to do? Just follow the 2 simple steps listed below, and I’ll choose one lucky winner at random to give it away.

I got hold of a new Asus WL-500W router for me (Pics & specs coming up soon). The router has open source firmware so people can develop applications for it. One such app (ADOS) is that allows you to configure the router to download stuff directly to a hard disk (connected to router through USB) without the need of keeping the PC switched on. One of the app users reported the following error (Click on the pic to enlarge) that he got while using the app.

My company had a video contest a few days ago (which yours-truly won by a handsome margin :) ). The topic was “Future of Wireless” as perceived by the employees but with the catch that it had to be done in just 10 seconds or less. Now, everyone know that there is rarely a moment when I can think like a normal, sane person, and hence took a rather “alternative” look at what the future holds for us.

Well, its not just prefix suffix any more, because I added an option to add things in the middle of the posts as well. I got this idea because people told me that this was one of the most sought after option as advertisements (e.g. google adsense, adbrite, etc) give maximum click through rate when placed smack dab in the middle of the content. What’s more is that it is configurable and you can choose how many paragraphs and/or words should be skipped from the start of the post before you add whatever you want, be it text, css, html, php or javascript.

This is a really sad day. Not only the organizers of National Conference On Free Software 2008 taking place at CUSAT seem to be utterly misguided when they decided to let Novell be on-board as their main sponsor, they even took the extreme step of bringing in police to silence the lone voices of the Boycott Novell protestors. They seem to be treading on the toes of not just free software but free speech as well, which is against the very ethics of the conference they are holding.

Given the ignorant lazy bum I am, until a couple of days ago I was unaware of this magical place called “Google Solutions Marketplace”. According to Google: The Google Solutions Marketplace links customers to vendors whose solutions integrate and extend Google's communication, collaboration, and enterprise search products. Basically it is a boon for both, google product users who depend on various search, enterprise, search and apps related Google offerings, and developers who develop products and services based upon these.

“Google Adsense” has been caught in a conflict of interests with its parent company “Google”. Google piad 140k to teh cause of “Say No to Prop 8” but on the other hand people reported that Google Adsense delivered a substantially huge amount of “Say Yes to Prop 8” advertisements all over the internet, even on sites which are completely out of context with this matter. Not only is this conflicting with the interests of the parent company but also with the “Terms of Use” put forward by Adsense that ads should not have any kind of intolerance or advocacy towards an individual or a group.