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FireFly is a nice DAAP based media server that allows you to listen to your music collection anywhere using any DAAP based client like iTunes, with other players (like Winamp, Rhythmbox, VLC, etc) using plugins, or it even has its own dedicated php/flash/java based clients that can be fired up on any platform any computer giving you instant nirvana. Many people, like me, use it on their Routers or NAS boxes to access their music anywhere without having to keep their home PC running or lugging around external drives.

Today, the whole word is going gaga over “Opera Unite”, the new technology in Opera 10 which will make your web browser a web server as well (and not just that, it will make a whole lot of “sharing” options available). Well, I’m not so excited about it. Technology wise, it is really cool but what they don’t realize is that this is like giving motorized chain-saw or a swiss army knife in the hands of a two-year old.

I got myself a Microtek 800VA UPS (MDP800+) a couple of weeks ago to save my PS3 from the frequent power outages that we are seeing in Hyderabad but the purpose was rather lost when I found that it worked fine only till the mains power was on. As soon as there was an outage, it couldn’t stop the PS3 from an abrupt shut down. I ran around the pathetic Microtek customer service for days and they finally sent an “engineer” down to my place (after a week) to diagnose the issue and he couldn’t say anything more than that the UPS is meant for a PC and nothing else.

**Update: It has come to my notice that many people do not know about this (and other problems listed in comments of this post). Please digg** and [reddit**](http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/8hzkt/why_you_should_not_upgrade_to_ubuntu_jaunty/) this post so that more people can be made aware of it before they upgrade unknowingly.** You should not upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 (aka Jaunty Jackalope), released a few weeks ago, if: You have an older ATI graphics card (prior to R500, .

If you have used perforce, you’d have definitely come across a situation where you wanted to sync files belonging to two different labels, but as soon as you sync the second label, the files from the first label get deleted. P4 help suggests the following ways to achieve this: p4 sync @label1,label2 or something like p4 sync @label1,@label2` But I’ve found that depending on the perforce version you are using, the above commands might not work.

Figlet is a brilliant tool to convert text to amazing ASCII Art that I have used for many years. This weekend I thought of creating an online version of it, so that anyone can use it even if they can’t install it on their systems. It is pretty easy to use. The drill is just to choose the font you want (and there is a very extensive collection of more than 250 to choose from), input the text that you want to be ASCII’fied, press a button and you are done.

Since quite some time, Google Reader has included the feature to share interesting items with your friends who also use Google Reader. Some time back they also added the option to “Share with a Note” to add your take to the shared piece. But I always thought there was no way to share back by comments (or see my friends’ take) about that particular article. One way could have been to post the comments on the original site of the article but that had the drawbacks that:

If you have an Asus WL-500W, the DIYers’ favourite wireless router, and have installed the Oleg custom firmware on it, then you would have set up a shutdown script for it, that allows your router to shut down gracefully. This is especially important if you have a USB hard disk attached to it. There are many such scripts available in Oleg’s firmware that you can tweak. All of these reside in “/usr/local/sbin/”.

Perforce is an excellent revision control system for the code but the GUIs (P4WIN and P4V) are too slow to be productive. Hence, I like to do most of my work through command lines. Now, the other day I needed to add a directory and all its subdirectories and files to the repository (or perforce depot). This is a trivial task through the GUI. Just drag the top level directory onto the changelist area and the GUI takes care of everything but there is no straightforward way to do this through command line, until, I discovered the “-x” option of P4.