Fixing the Raspberrypi 4 Ethernet disconnection problem

I added a Raspberry Pi 4B recently in my ever expanding homelab. To get the best network with the new gigabit ethernet port on the raspi, and still save power, I added a PoE hat to it so I could power the raspi as well as provide it data through the ethernet port. Everything worked fine except that I ocassionaly got into situations where the raspi stopped responding suddenly. Initially I thought that it’s crashing due to some issues and used to just restart it manually. [Read More]

Practical Reverse Engineering Tutorials Part 2: Protostar Stack4

About the challenge In this article, we’ll go through the Protostar stack4 challenge. This would be a bit similar to the stack0 challenge that we already tackled earlier, but it will think about an interesting way to get alternate code to execute instead of just modifying data. Pre-requisite: Make sure you’ve completed the Part 1 of the Practical Reverse Engineering Tutorials series. It’d also be great if you can try stack1-stack3 challenges on your own as they are similar to stack0. [Read More]

Practical Reverse Engineering Tutorials Part 1: Introduction & Protostar Stack 0

What is this about? This article is the 1st part of the Practical Reverse Engineering Tutorials series. This series is geared towards a structured, but almost completely practical, approach to learn Reverse Engineering. Many of the existing articles/books take a long winded approach to teach RE which is prefixed with a lot of theory before the reader can get their hands dirty. This series will take a different approach of picking up various challenges in the order of increasing difficulty and help the reader in exploring ways how to break them. [Read More]

email-actions: An SMTP server that triggers actions from email

Releasing my project email-actions today. You install it from github or from pypi. email-actions email-actions is a tiny SMTP server with a rules based engine to trigger any actions (notifications/commands etc) based on the emails sent to this server. Think of it like IFTTT but where input trigger is email and can be set up and run locally as well. Why did you make email-actions Like most of my projects, email-actions is a ‘scratch-your-own-itch’ project. [Read More]

Bypass ISP DNS hijack by changing DNS port on Ubiquiti USG router

The Background We talked earlier about how certain ISPs block websites by using DNS hijack methods and I had recommended using DNSCrypt to bypass it. Well, as part of my home network overhaul, I moved over from the consumer grade (but still decent enough) Asus router over to Ubiquiti stack which, among other things, lead me to use their “Unify Security Gateway (USG)” as the router. Now, this router is pretty decent and is running Ubiquiti’s EdgeOS (derived from Vyatta OS, which in turn is based on linux/debian). [Read More]