Converting A Toy RC Car Into An Autonomous Fun Car The Indian Way

Dangerous is a mind which is left grounded at home for days. Being stuck at home and having a few pieces of joy around made me do this over the weekend.


  • An old Toy RC car broken out of shape by my 4 year old

  • DAGU Mini Driver

  • Screw Driver/Batteries/Tape/Glue/Rubber bands/Old gift cards

  • Half an hour of coding


A car that runs automatically making 8 shape on the floor (More like random fractals due to the wheels having no grip)


Broken toy with its main board (RF receiver + motor driver) unscrewed


New mainboard or in Indian speak - JUGAAD


Restoring the mess I made of my DAGU mini driver


All Wired Up


All Wired Up

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