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Odroid U2 Tips: Overscan, emmc Adapter, HDMI-DVI Adapter

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 2 min · (286 Words)
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So I’ve been spending a few hours on getting my odroid u2 up and running and here are a few tips that I’ve come across in the process.


So, many TVs have this issue that they miss out on displaying the corners of the image put out by the Odroid U2. The phenomenon is called overscan. Now, all you have to do is select settings such as “Just Scan” or similar on your TV that allows your TV to display image coming from U2 as is. This setting is called “Screen Fit” on Samsung TVs but I found something weird. My TV already had this setting set for the picture mode, but still I had the overscan issue. What I had to do was to switch to another mode and then back to Screen Fit and it started working fine.

emmc Adapter:

The emmc adapter that hardkernel/odroid folks send out with the board to use with a microsd card reader doesn’t seem to work. However, the issue is that it is slightly bigger than a regular microsd and hence doesn’t fit properly inside the reader. All I had to do was to file the top edges a bit and then it worked fine.

HDMI-DVI Adapter:

Currently I’ve attached it to my old Samsung B2030 monitor. A tip btw for B2030 owners (or anyone else having a monitor with only DVI input and not HDMI). Despite many folks (including hardkernel/odroid guys) saying that HDMI to DVI adapters are not supported and won’t work, they do work but the thing is that the monitor should be turned on before turning on the U2 otherwise U2 doesn’t output anything over the HDMI and the monitor won’t display anything.