Adding Lyrics to SharkZapper for Grooveshark

I bet all of you know about grooveshark, the awesome music service. And sharkzapper is a cool chrome extension that puts the control and information about anything playing in your grooveshark chrome tab into a little button on the address bar. It is a very good extension but I felt that what it was missing was lyrics. Before I could comment on the extension’s chrome market page, I noticed that it has a github repository. “Open Source”, oh joy. So, I forked the repository and after some hacking around, I’ve now added support for automatic searching and fetching of the currently playing song into the sharkzapper popup window and it updates itself whenever the song changes.

What was even cooler that I learnt a bit about using YQL in the process :)

I’ve sent in a pull request to the author of the extension to the original author of the extension to merge this code. In the meanwhile, if you would like to try this out, you can hit up my github repository, download the code and install into chrome by enabling developer mode and choosing “Load unpacked extension”.

Happy listening :)

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