Google to abandon Android. Spin off separate company

Now, this is mind blowing. I’ve just talked to a pretty reliable source within the Android ranks of Google that Google is going to distance itself legally from Android and spin it off in a separate company. The source said that the move can happen very soon and may be announced at Google I/O conference in May. Although details are sketchy and only very few high profile folks know about it within Google, my source says that the probable reason is increasing worries about legal aspects of Android with respect to Patents and IP law suits. Google also doesn’t want to be held responsible by any of the OEMs using Android when they are targeted by these law suits. So, they arrived at this decision to create a win-win situation where the new company will still be handed over instructions from MountainView through back channels but liabilities of the company are going to be very limited because they will show zero or no earnings at all.

I can see everyone from Cupertino to Redmond running helter skelter by this move from Google as they will lose one major weapon in their armory in their “Take no prisoners” war against Android’s rapid growth.

I’ll keep you guys updated as I get more details on this.

Update: Yes, it is true………………..that all of you saw straight through my pathetic attempt at an april fools joke :P

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