Android/iPhone Beware: WP7 Phones have already sold 12 million devices

According to TechCrunch, that is. TC has a post on its blog right now (from none other than Michael Arrington) that says Toddlers Pick iPhone Over Windows 7 Phones 10-1. The article says that this is because a toddlers’ app maker’s notes that their app sold 71.5 apps per day on average on the iOS app store, while the number was 7.5 on the WP7 marketplace. Go read the article (it’s pretty short) and come back to read the below.

As I posted in the comments there, the “article” has fail written all over it. Points to note:

  1. Moms make the choice, not toddlers
  2. The sample set is too small
  3. iPhone has been selling for 3 years and WP7 for like 1 D.U.H
  4. The iPhone apps also sell on iPod/iPad.
  5. It’s not “Windows 7 phones”, its “Windows Phone 7” lol. One of the most prominent tech blogs can’t even get the name right.
  6. Acc to TechCrunch, “Data like this hints at the total run rate for Win7 phones”, so basically WP7 has already sold around 12 million already (Total iOS devices sold till now is around 120mn acc to Jobs). That’s mighty impressive for a one month run.. :P

On a serious note, I didn’t expect this post to be coming from Mike. Or maybe this is like that recent editorial plagiarism scandal where the newspaper editor said that he was tired so he got it written by his juniors.. :P

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