ZDNet Fail. Answer is Stop Tech Blogging

Just read this article over at zdnet. What it basically says is condensed in these two points:

  1. Android is a failure for Google because it is open and carriers/OEMs are stripping off google search from it and putting replacements like baidu/Bing. (BTW, half the people say Android is fail because it is not open and the other half say it is fail because it is open. Which one is it, please decide ;) )

  2. The solution is a Google Phone with google branding, sold unlocked at full price.

Let me answer 2nd point first. Dana Blankenhorn, thanks for that nice blast from the past advice. Google already did it with Nexus One, like, one year ago duh..

Now, on to the first point. Even if lot of people are stripping off Google search, they still have a big share of the mobile search market. They didn’t create Android solely to earn from it directly. It was more of a way to ensure that they still have an avenue for mobile revenue which would have otherwise been completely lost (iPhone). Another thing here is that if they didn’t keep it open enough for other players, it might have not got such widespread adoption or they might have been killed in US/EU under antitrust laws.

So, all I can say to Dana and ZDNet is ———————-> kthxbi :P

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