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Android App: Wi-Fi Keep Alive updates

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (193 Words)
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I pushed out a couple of updates to my android app Wi-Fi Keep alive a few weeks ago (mainly related to fixing the resolution and colors of the widget icons) taking the latest version to 1.4.4. This is just to let you know that it will take a while (a few weeks) more to get the pending updates and requests in to the program. I have been pretty ill for the last few weeks and have only just got back up out of the bed and now my development machine has also gone for a toss. I’ve bought a new machine a couple of days ago but still have to recover my data from old machine and set it up on the new one along with linux and my standard development environment. Please do continue to report bugs and ask for requests though and I’ll make sure to keep track of them.

PS: A tiny thing for celebration is that the app crossed 10,000 downloads mark recently within 2 months of its first appearance on the market :) and right now stands arounds 12k mark. Let’s see when I get to 50k :)