Quick Sync Settings

This is a very small android app to open the accounts and sync settings in one click. We all need to disable the sync settings of a particular account sometimes  but keep all other items still syncing. For example, for most of the day I’m at work, in front of my office PC so I don’t need to keep my work email syncing which causes unnecessary drain on my battery but I do need to keep other things, like my google calendar, syncing still. Now, the power control widget that comes with android is a bit too coarse for this use as it presents a situation of all or none. So, if you use the power control widget, it either disables syncing entirely for all your apps or enables it for all of them. So, you have to manually go into accounts and sync settings and turn off syncing for the account you want but it takes too many clicks (You first long hold on menu, then press settings, then scroll to account settings, then click on it to open it). So, instead of that, you can just use this app here. Install and add a shortcut to the home screen. Whenever you need, just click on it and it will open the accounts and sync settings screen for you immediately without any fuss.

The app is very light and consumes no resources and exits immediately leaving no background processes behind. Please try it out and let me know if you like it.

To install, either search for “Quick Sync Settings” in the android market or you can just scan the below given QR code from the barcode scanner app on your phone.

PS: I’m also developing another app which will allow you to directly control the sync on/off for any account (with fine control also available for each item within each account like mail/calendar/contacts separately) through a power control like widget. It is working for me right now but I’m fixing it around the edges so that I can publish a relatively force-close-free app for you :)

NOTE: Quick Sync Settings works only on Android 2.1 and above and you would be unable to find it in the android marketplace if your android version is less than that (Android marketplace automatically filters out apps which are not compatible with your version)